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I’m a Swedish/Australian Travel Photographer who left home for the big adventure in the early 90’s. During my travels I got involved in ecotourism and have since combined my passion for adventure, different cultures and the great outdoors by working as a tour leader, expedition guide, diving instructor and sustainable tourism advisor, always with a camera by my side.
My images are mostly used for editorial purposes or in guidebooks and travel promotion.

about me

Any special artistic influences?
National Geographic inspired me to start photographing and to travel. Today I am often inspired by films and TV. I am also very impressed by the work of some of my colleagues here on age fotostock.
What is the best photographic advice that you have ever received?
First step of becoming a good photographer is not showing anyone your bad photos; edit, edit, edit!
If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?
I would be involved in Ecotourism or sustainable tourism development, which is what I’m doing when I’m not photographing.

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