Montserrat Bru Manobens

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Montserrat Bru Manobens


I´m a compulsive traveller and a visual artist fascinated by colours and contrasts. My pictures are totally straightforward, I do not crop or use Photoshop. I´m interested in the quality of textures, shapes and backgrounds, nevermind if they´re natural, urban or industrial. Details or colourful little creatures get my atention as well as massive items, but I do recognize having a soft spot for macro shooting...

about me

¿Qué influencias artísticas hay en tu trabajo?
No influences and all influences. Been busy with the arts since I can remember. I trust my instinct and when an image calls me, I must capture it!
¿Cuál ha sido el mejor consejo fotográfico que has recibido?
Get yourself a good tripod, girl!
¿Si no fueses fotógrafo, que te gustaría ser?
Don´t think I would like to do anything else than travel, take picts and sell them, of course!

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