Foto de stock - Foncebadón is in the municipality of Santa Colomba de Somoza, in the region of Maragatería province of Leon Spanish city. It was abandoned until the revival of the pilgrimage to Santiago in the last decade of the twentieth century. It has three bar-restaurants, four shelters, one with category Tourist Lodge, two categories of tourist of the Ways to Santiago and fourth pilgrim hostel nonprofit, bar-grocery store and a pension. Since shortly before the revival of the pilgrimage, some former residents of Foncebadón and their immediate families are returning to rehabilitate dilapidated or abandoned homes remaining. The people began to be abandoned in the late 60s, early 70s, mostly because of the economic difficulties that the people had at that time. Much of the population emigrated to Madrid Spain and other cities in search of employment and a life away from agriculture, livestock and mining, as these were the only jobs that offered Foncebadón and its environs. After a few years, all the demographics of the people was drastically reduced from a hundred people two people. Due to the massive abandonment suffered by the people, this, like many other towns in the region, fell victim to looting that in most cases seriously damaged the homes to a few years, would eventually collapsing upon themselves, as happened with the now reformed parish or school. Recently one of the inhabitants of this town, I was involved in a problem with the bells of the parish. The Church demanded that the bells of the already demolished parish were restored and offered to another church for use, to which the neighboring reacted boarding the armed bell with a stick and requiring them to leave the village as it was, as these bells They could serve to warn nearby villages that had been trapped in the village by weather. Also for pilgrims passing through Foncebadón, not lost in the fog.

Imagen: Foncebadón is in the municipality of Santa Colomba de Somoza, in the region of Maragatería province of Leon Spanish city.

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